After a rough life on the street, Juliet the husky finds safety and comfort at permanent home

Laminated vinyl privacy fencing shields her from the outside world

For one of the few times in her tough life, Juliet the husky is able to relax in a safe and comfortable envi- ronment, shielded from the outside world by a six-foot-high Pinnacle laminated vinyl woodgrain privacy fence by VEKA Outdoor Living Products. The fence was specified by Holly Gumbeski, a kind-hearted animal rescue volunteer who permanently took her in after a string of adoptive families did not work out. Juliet will live out her remaining years on Holly’s property. As well as the security provided by the fence’s sturdy construction, Gumbeski wanted it to have a rich natural color that would blend with the landscape. (Photos courtesy VEKA Outdoor Living Products)

Julie the Husky, safe and happy in her forever home, protected by a laminated VEKA privacy fence.