Structural integrity and design flexibility

Vinyl Fencing Products

Our profiles outlast and outperform most other fence material. In addition to the standard testing like impact, weather, and wind, VEKA focuses on the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Beyond its strength and flexibility, PVC is safe for you and your family, requiring minimal upkeep without the use of harsh chemicals. Made of high-quality vinyl, the only cleaning your new fence should need is a yearly hosing off with soap and water.

Privacy Fencing
Add protection, privacy and value to your property

Privacy Fence

VEKA privacy fencing offers both seclusion and sophistication. Vinyl fence panels are available in white, tan, khaki, and stone colors, with varying heights.

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Color Options

To find your perfect color combination, explore the range of color options below, and try out your favorites on our Fence Color Selector

Colors may appear slightly different on screen than on actual product.

Premium Performance

VEKA Profiles

VEKA's PVC Outdoor Living profiles redefine the concept of outdoor spaces, combining durability, aesthetics, and functionality. These profiles serve as the perfect solution for creating versatile and captivating outdoor environments. With an array of design options, VEKA transforms ordinary fences into extraordinary retreats that blend with the surrounding landscape. The profiles offer not only exceptional resistance to the harshest weather conditions but also a wide spectrum of styles for diverse architectural preferences.

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Dual Edge PVC

At VEKA, environmental consciousness stands at the forefront of our global operations, reflecting a commitment to sustainable practices across all our facilities. This responsibility extends to VEKA Outdoor Living Products, where we take pride in the VEKA Green Initiative, environmentally friendly solutions for extruded PVC profiles. VEKA’s Dual Edge ECO Layer Extrusion Technology minimizes material consumption while maximizing the profiles' performance and longevity.

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Fence Color Selector

VEKA Fence Color Selector

Explore countless ways to achieve your unique vision with our natural-looking wood grain pattern and luxurious colors.

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Exploring Boundaries:

A Captivating Collection of Fence Installations

Fences have a unique way of shaping our environments and perceptions. This collection illustrates the diverse range of VEKA fences that can be created with our profiles, from rustic to sleek modern designs. Select photo to enlarge image.

VEKA White Concave picket fence
Laminate Golden Oak VEKA Privacy fence
White Vekarail pool fence
VEKA Privacy Fence with White post and rail and Signature Cayenne infill
VEKA Privacy Fence with Signature Hazelnut post and rails, and white infill
White VEKA Privacy Fence with Deco rails
VEKA Privacy Fence in Stone
VEKA Privacy Fence in Walnut laminate