About vinyl

At the heart of VEKA's compound lies the marvel of modern chemistry known as PVC, derived from the elements of natural gas and rock salt. In its pure state, PVC lacks the distinctive qualities that make VEKA vinyl’s durable and weatherable.

To increase the performance characteristics of PVC, VEKA adds seven different micro-ingredients. The integration of these carefully selected ingredients, combined using superior blending techniques, gives VEKA's compound a remarkable individuality, making it unique among the extruded vinyl products available in the market.

VEKA's range of micro-ingredients is tailored for superior quality and long-lasting performance. The incorporation of heat stabilizers effectively mitigates the impact of heat, particularly solar radiation, on the vinyl material. The inclusion of impact modifiers enhances the resilience of PVC, safeguarding it against potential damage during manufacturing, transportation, and everyday use of the products.

How VEKA PVC is Made